How To Use Our Patch

If you have problems on items with our custom patch then you should download working client >Here<.
It is not not recommended to use some other server clients as they are mostlikely buggy!
Also take a note that our client version is: To see your client version launch wow but dont login.
Look at down left corner there is client version written in yellow.

Download Addons >Here<.
Download latest MPQ Patch 4 - Cata / MoP Content >Here<.
Download latest MPQ Patch 5 - Fixing your Requesting Melee Weapon + Other Fixes >Here<.

Just to note! Patch5 is the common one that keep changeing many times in a week, so if you see non working items please go and update it.

Download Torrent file for patch-4 >Here<.
Download From Mega for patch-4 >Here<.

Bouth our patches goes in to wow client / data folder
And heres data\lang folder patches

Realm Status

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