How To Use Our Patch

If you have problems on items with our custom patch then you should download working client >Here<.
It is not not recommended to use some other server clients as they are mostlikely buggy!
Also take a note that our client version is: To see your client version launch wow but dont login.
Look at down left corner there is client version written in yellow.

Download Addons Here.
Be sure to checkmark FixItemIcon and Load out of date AddOns as they fix red ? marks and other things!

Super easy way to update your client is to download our updater from >Here<.
Just put it to WoW folder and let it run till it say its complete

Download latest MPQ Patch 4 - Cata / MoP Content >Here<.
Download latest MPQ Patch 5 - Fixing your Requesting Melee Weapon + Other Fixes >Here<.
Download Torrent file for patch-4 >Here<.

Bouth our patches goes in to wow client / data folder

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