Dubble Vote Points!

Posted by Markus | Apr 24, 2014

Hello every LostArmy-WoW Gamer!
Miku and i have talked some lately. And we came to this.

Every Friday-Sunday we TRIPLE up Vote Points!
But this also mean we will not give out free vp every now and then.
This is being done due the lack of Voting for our server.

Keep up the voting for us! LostArmy-wow!


Posted by Alamiku | Feb 05, 2014

Hello guys.


Donations are opened again and with this occasions we are doing 1 week ONLY 50% donation prices ( beside donor status ) for future issues or question add AlaMiku's skype : mikutubr id.

Vip Features:

You get an Vip Instance, can reset so you can farm as much as you would like, dropping same mats as Demon world, included phoenix feather and Material Box, this is a box that drop even more of those materials.

Morph--Allow you to morph yourself and others
Demorph--Allow you to Demorph to normal shape.
Teleport--Allow you to teleport by using .tele command.
Whisper on/off Allow you to turn off whispreing from Non-vip players.
Changerace/Changefaction/Customize Allow you to customize your character by chnge hair, look, race and faction.
Vip Mall--Allows you to have an own mall for ViP Players, non-vip's are not allowed there.
Vip Chat--Just an cool chat that can point out you are vip.

Free Custom weapon!

Posted by Markus | Jan 29, 2014

Hello LA Players
We are glad to announce that in our server non-donor players will can to make their own custom weapon(s)

How it works simply :

We add GEAR BOX wich atm is dropped in : Nature , Angel World , Gruul`s Lair and Donor Instance

This Box is droping these items :

Mark of Strenght
Mark of Agility
Mark of Stamina
Mark of Intellect
Mark of Spirit
Mark of Damage x100
Mark of Damage x250
Mark of Damage x500
Mark of Name
Mark of Display
Mark of Attack Power x100
Mark of Attack Power x250
Mark of Spell Power x100
Mark of Spell Power x250
Mark of Armor Peneration
Mark of Haste Rating
Mark of Critical Strike Rating
Mark of Hit Rating
Mark of 10% stamina
Mark of 15% Strenght
Mark of 15% Agility
Mark of 10% Intellect
Mark of Spell power by 15% of Intellect

With this marks you can make your own custom weapons ...1 mark = 1str and so on ..

The Max Weapon you can make is : 50.000.000 DMG and 750.000 ALL STATS = wich means you will need 750.000 x each marks and dmg ( calculated from x100 , x250 , x500 ( those = 100 , 250 , 500 dmg )

The New Marks work like this :

Mark of Attack Power x100 - 20.000.000 ( MaX )
Mark of Attack Power x250 - 20.000.000 ( MaX )
Mark of Spell Power x100 - 20.000.000 ( MaX )
Mark of Spell Power x250 - 20.000.000 ( MaX )
Mark of Armor Peneration - 50.000 ( MaX )
Mark of Haste Rating - 15.000 ( MaX )
Mark of Critical Strike Rating - 15.000 ( MaX )
Mark of Hit Rating - 15.000 ( MaX )

This Marks Works Like this ( they are custom spells to add on your item ) :

For 1 Spell ( you can have multiple ) you need to gather :
Mark of 10% stamina - 25.000 ( Marks )
Mark of 15% Strenght - 30.000 ( Marks )
Mark of 15% Agility - 25.000 ( Marks )
Mark of 10% Intellect - 25.000 ( Marks )
Mark of Spell power by 15% of Intellect 30.000 ( Marks )

To complete your own weapon you will need ofc name + diplay for that reason are ( mark of display + name ) you will need 10.000 each ( name and display )

To start making your own item you will need :

5.000.000 DMG
100.000 each stats
10.000 ( mark of name )
10.000 ( mark of display)

For future issue and question contact AlaMiku in game or skype : mikutubr
Or Markus, Skype: Markus.casi

New Vote Sets!

Posted by AlaMiku | Jan 21, 2014

Hello Everyone.

We Just released some new vote sets.
The prices are following:
One Handed Weapon Vote Coin --175 VP
Two Handed Weapon Vote Coin --175 VP
Main Set Vote Coin --150 VP
Off Set Vote Coin --200VP
Staff/Bow/Thrown/Shield Vote Coin --175VP

Those Coins can be bought in our web store, then you buy the item you want on the Npc at mall.

Off Set Vote Coin is used for ALL Off sets.
Trinkets,Rings, Shirt, Tabard, Cape, Neck and Bags.

Main Set Vote Coin is used for the main set.
Hands, Belt, Legs, Boots, Head, Shoulder, Chest, Brachers.



Posted by Alamiku | Jul 06, 2012

When you DONATE please do remember that nobody is asking you to Donate ( Support ) our server , your doing on your own accord and will , so after you donate do not ask for REFUND it will not happen , in the case of data loss , rollback ( our server fault ) , you will get full REFUND of your donation worth

Donations prices
- 1 Hand Weapons - 25$
- 2 Hand Weapons - 30$
- Offsets ( ring , trinket , tabard , neck , relic etc) - 20$
- Bows - 30$
- Bag - 10$
- Custom Title - 10$
- Titan`s Grip ( 2x2h spell ) - 10$
- Dual Wield ( 2x1h spell ) - 5$
- Change Class - 10$
- Change Faction - 10$
- Change Name - 10$
- Transfer Items - 10$
- Custom Spells / Effects (Random Prices)

About Custom Items
Normal Custom Items this means same stats as normal vip ones only you will get personal name + display is double the vip price

Is working like this if you want 1h wich is 25$ you will need to pay 25$ extra for custom name and display id = 50$ from start then add ur custom stats prices are below

About Advanced Custom Items

Same rule is apply here you will need to pay the normal vip item and custom price for name and display id but if you want more stats those prices start cost like this

1$ - 10.000 Damage
1$ - 10.000 Stats (+10.000 Agi or other stat you want just one of them not for all )
1$ - 10.000 Attack Power , Spell Power
1$ - 1.000 Other Stats Like ( Armor Pen , Crit , Hit , Spell Crit Etc )
1$ - 500 Haste Rating ( spell and melee ) haste cap is around 50.000
1$ - 100 Resillience , Expertise ( Cap at 13.000 )

For more informations contact AlaMiku in game or skype id : mikutubr

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