About dc and connection

Posted by Commandcom | Mar 16, 2015

If you cant connect to our server or get dc or whatsoever then please change your realmlist to:

set realmlist

seems like some idiot ddos us and sometimes server's net go down
sorry for problems

Spring Event.

Posted by AlaMiku | Mar 01, 2015

Hello guys in the next period means 1 - 8 march on lostarmy-wow we will have rised loot and rised vote points as well any donation you make is double means if you donate 50$ you will recieve 100 dp instead of 50 .


Posted by Commandcom | Nov 22, 2014

Please give us feedback at our >forum< what you like/dislike at our server
Its pretty important for us to know so we can improve our server to be more enjoyable place to hang out

Bounty System

Posted by Commandcom | Oct 18, 2014

Hello LA Players,
We, the LA staff are proud to present a new and unique ingame quest system. It's called "Bounty System".
It's a pretty nice way for getting materials and Legendary Items and some cool buffs, a new box called "Bounty Chest" And Special Mounts.
All you have to do is to find the "Bounty Angel"

The new NPC will be working like this:
First of all: you click: "Get your Bounty Quest".
2nd : the npc will reward you with one of the over 300 random quests
3rd: You can complete the quest by clicking: "Complete your Bounty Quest!"
You can get the Bounty Chest by clicking "Turn in 5 Bounty Souls for a Bounty Chest"

When you do that you will get some nice rewards including the new material "Bounty Souls".
With that new material you will be able to buy the Legendary Items and the Buffs for the "Bounty Shop"
The prices are the following:
1h Weapons: 1000 Bounty Souls
2h Weapons: 1500 Bounty Souls
Buffs: 500 Bounty Souls 3.3.5a


Posted by Alamiku | Oct 18, 2014

When you DONATE please do remember that nobody is asking you to Donate ( Support ) our server , your doing on your own accord and will , so after you donate do not ask for REFUND it will not happen , in the case of data loss , rollback ( our server fault ) , you will get full REFUND of your donation worth

Donations prices
- 1 Hand Weapons - 25$
- 2 Hand Weapons - 30$
- Offsets ( ring , trinket , tabard , neck , relic etc) - 20$
- Bows - 30$
- Bag - 10$
- Custom Title - 10$
- Titan`s Grip ( 2x2h spell ) - 10$
- Dual Wield ( 2x1h spell ) - 5$
- Change Class - 10$
- Change Faction - 10$
- Change Name - 10$
- Transfer Items - 10$
- Custom Spells / Effects (Random Prices)

About Custom Items
Normal Custom Items this means same stats as normal vip ones only you will get personal name + display is double the vip price

Is working like this if you want 1h wich is 25$ you will need to pay 25$ extra for custom name and display id = 50$ from start then add ur custom stats prices are below

About Advanced Custom Items

Same rule is apply here you will need to pay the normal vip item and custom price for name and display id but if you want more stats those prices start cost like this

1$ - 5.000 Damage
1$ - 5.000 Stats (+5.000 Agi or other stat you want just one of them not for all )
1$ - 5.000 Attack Power , Spell Power
1$ - 5.00 Other Stats Like ( Armor Pen , Crit , Hit , Spell Crit Etc )
1$ - 250 Haste Rating ( spell and melee ) haste cap is around 50.000
1$ - 100 Resillience , Expertise ( Cap at 13.000 )

For more informations contact AlaMiku in game or skype id : mikutubr

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